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About Rafiki

About Woza Rafiki 


Hi, we are Nick and Kate from South Africa!

 After finishing our studies and quitting our jobs, we have set off to explore Southern and Eastern Africa as a duo of intrepid travelers with the aspiration to continue to West Africa. As we set out on this overland journey, self-driving our way through multiple countries in our 1999 Toyota Landcruiser 105Rafiki,  we hope that you will share in this exciting and adventurous journey through the African continent. 

We aspire to share with you on this site travel tips,  stories of our adventures and photographs of our collected unforgettable memories, that have awakened our senses and expanded our world views. We have challenged ourselves by stepping out of our cultural cocoons and comfort zones and we hope that this blog will inspire you to feel the same and maybe do the same through sharing in our experiences. 

Our Values

 Tread Lightly | Live Curiously | Connect to Community | Be Compassionate Foster Friendship Show Respect   





Nicholas Philipson


Photographer and aspiring conservationist


 I am a photographer from Durban, South Africa with a degree in Marketing and further studies in Digital Marketing. In an attempt to avoid a desk I began to further my personal journey to satisfy my passion for imagery. This soon turned into an obsession to capture nature and my surroundings through the lens. I have a deep passion for the outdoors and love for being in nature. I believe that meaningful connections to and interactions with the natural world are an essential means for positive progression towards a sustainable future. 


Katherine Krone

 Architect in training

 Kate for short

I am a masters graduate from the Graduate School of Architecture (GSA) at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. I am interested in passive design that is responsive to the natural environment and advocates for ecologically sustainable landscapes. As a creative, I am always painting, making something or doing something. My love for the outdoors and nature was fostered at a young age and continues to grow.